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Microsoft has Released the new Microsoft Project "for the web"

So what exactly is this Project for the web? Is Project Online going away? Can I use my current licensing with the new service?

Private Channels in Teams

Remember when Microsoft Teams launched a few years ago?

One of the items I thought was missing at the time was the ability to take private teams and from the team have private areas just for certain people. How many times do you have something HR or Accounting related and didn't need the information to be shared with everyone? We didn't want to create extra teams just for that purpose as we would have hundreds of teams.

How Do I Add Multiple Users to Office 365

Want to add more than one user at a time to Office 365? 

Microsoft supplies a built-in template to help add multi users at one time. As long as the headers and content are filled in correctly its an easy process.

So of the assumptions would be you have an Office 365 Tenant. 

You have Admin access to the Admin Portal.

And you have already purchased licensing or have available licenses for the users being added.

How Do SharePoint Online Admins Create Sites

Have you ever wondered how Admins of SharePoint create modern site collections or Classic sites?  Don`t let them fool you it really takes minutes to spin one up. Its the maintaining and administrating it that takes the effort. Here is a sneak preview of how they do it. Now it is true that users may create sites them selves, but they do not have all the features available that admins do.

By using the new SharePoint admin center, you can create sites that use one of the new team site or communication site templates.

Office 365 Security and Compliance Offerings

Lets take a look at some of the headliners for Security & Compliance services that are bundled with the Microsoft 365 cloud platform.

Identity and Threat Protection

This is used to manage and monitor user accounts against credentials with unauthorized use. Uses machine learning to identify strange or suspicious behavior know to be used by cybers threats. With Advanced Threat Protection or ATP you extend this monitoring to desktops, email and servers as well.

DLP for Microsoft Teams


Another Microsoft Roadmap Feature is turned on for Teams

Data Loss Prevention for Teams Chat and Channel messages is a new Office 365 Information Protection feature. This feature is currently available except for GCC organizations.

How does this affect me?

With this new feature, you can turn on Data Loss Prevention for your Teams Chat and Channels through the Security and Compliance Center. This feature is off by default and requires administrator action to enable.

Yammer Maintenance Planned March 30th

I know we can't always be on top of the Message Center in Office 365, but this affects Yammer users.

Starting 3/30/2019 01:00 UTC.
Ending 3/30/2019 02:00 UTC.

As part of this planned maintenance, the following feature areas may be affected:

  • Users will not be able to create, view or respond to polls in the Yammer feed.
  • Group creation will not be available
  • Office group and group membership sync will be delayed
Dynamics 365 Service Update

Microsoft announced a maintenance window for 3/19--3/21/2019 today.

There is no expected degradation to service performance or availability.

You should see and expect a version Release or higher after the DB operations complete.


Microsoft Whiteboard Updates

Microsoft announced today that there will be updates rolling out the next several months for the Whiteboard app.

Dynamics 365 Service Update April 14th


Beware Microsoft will be updating Dynamics 365 on April 14th.

The version number for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online) organization will update to version or higher after the background database operations complete. Although there is no expected degradation to service performance or availability, this service update is planned outside of normal business hours to help minimize any potential impact to your organization.

Maintenance Window is set for 4/14/2019  2:00 UTC  11:00 UTC 

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